Dr. Christopher's Product Name Changes

On the official Dr. John R. Christopher site the christopher family wanted to clear up confusion of some name changes of Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas. We copied it here with permission to help out. The only changes we are we separated the current name changes from the Nature's Way changes years ago. Below is the statement from the Christophers.

"There is still some confusion with some of the Dr. Christopher product name changes over the past few years. The names of the Dr Christopher Original Formulas were changed in 2000 to help our new and current customers easily identify the particular uses of each product.

For your convenience we have listed below both the old and new names. (Many of the old names are still available in bulk powders or cuts).

Also since Dr Christopher's formulas were produced and marketed by Natures Way from 1978 to 1998 we have also listed those names in Italic for your information.

Thanks for your patience and understanding."

Old Name:

New Name:

Adrenetone Adrenal Formula
Anti-Plague Super Garlic Immune
ANTSP Anti-Spasmodic
AR-1 Joint Formula
B&B Nerve Formula
Barberry LG Liver & Gall Bladder
Bee Power Bee Power Energy
BF&C Complete Tissue & Bone
Bilbrite Bilberry Eye Formula
BPE Blood Circulation
Bugleweed Combination Heavy Mineral Bugleweed
Calc Tea Herbal Calcium
Catnip & Fennel Stomach Comfort Formula
Changease Hormonal Changease
Chickweed Itch Ointment
CMM Rash Formula
CSK Appetite Formula
Deep Heating Balm Cayenne Heat
DRI Bladder Formula
Ephedratean Sinus & Lung
Eyebright Herbal Eyebright
Fematone Female Tonic
Fen LB Lower Bowel Formula
Garlic Rosehips & Parsley or GR&P Cold Season Formula
Hawthorn Berry Hawthorn Berry Heart
Herbal Composition Chest Formula
Herbal Tooth Powder Herbal Tooth & Gum
Immutone Immune System Formula
INF Lymphatic Formula
Intestinal Corrective #1 Quick Colon #1
Intestinal Corrective #2 Quick Colon #2
Juni-Pars Kidney Formula
Kelp Tea Thyroid Maintenance
Mascutone Male Tonic Formula
MEM Memory Plus
Metaburn Metaburn Herbal Weight
Mullein & Lobelia Glandular System
Mullein Oil Respiratory Massage Oil
NU Fem Female Reproductive
Panc Tea Pancreas Formula
Pre-Natal Birth-Prep
Pre Trac Liver Transition Formula
Pro Trac MindTrac
Prospallate Male Urinary Tract
Prospalmetto Prostate Plus
R&I Respiratory Syrup
Red Clover Combination or RCC Blood Stream Formula
Resp Free Lung & Bronchial
Sen Sei Balm Sen Sei Menthol Rub
Sha Tea Sinus Plus
Vermafuge Herbal Parasite Syrup
Wild Lettuce & Valerian Valerian Nerve Formula
Yellow Dock Combination Herbal Iron Formula

Nature's Way Name:

New Name:

ADR-NL Adrenal Formula
B/P Blood Circulation
Breathe-Aid Lung & Bronchial
Cal-Silica or CA-T Herbal Calcium
Change-O-Life Hormonal Changease
CMG Syrup Respiratory Syrup
Ex-Stress Relax-Eze
Fem-Mend Female Reproductive
HAS Sinus Plus
Herbal Slim Appetite Formula
IF Lymphatic Formula
KB or Herbal Diuretic Kidney Formula
Liveron or LG Liver & Gall Bladder
Naturalax 2 Lower Bowel Formula
PC Pancreas Formula
PN-6 Pre-Natal Formula
PR Male Urinary Tract
T Caps Thyroid Maintenance
Winter Formula or C&F Cold Season Formula
Yucca AR Joint Formula

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