Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are herbs safe?

A: If used properly, herbs and herbal formulations are very safe. It is unusual to have any side-effects with prescribed herbal products.

Qualified herbalists are trained in the safe use of herbs. When dealing with an ailment, you'll need to consider your own health situation, any drugs your are currently being prescribed plus all the latest safety data on herbs. If there is any doubt about any herbal medicine, always consult a qualified health practitioner.

Q: Can everyone use herbal products?

A: Yes, if used properly, including babies, children and pregnant women. Children can respond particularly well to herbal formulations.

Q: Can I take herbal formulations while taking medicine prescribed by my doctor?

A: Yes. Rarely are herbs not advised for this reason. Some herbs cannot be taken at the same time as certain drugs, but such herbs can be avoided and other ones used instead. If taking prescribed medicine always consult with your health care practitioner.

Q: What is the difference between conventional, wildcrafted and organic herbs?

A: Wildcrafted herbs are grown and harvested in their natural habitat, while organic herbs are grown under controlled situations. Conventionally grown herbs could have been sprayed with pesticides or heat treated. Click below on the links study more.

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