Dr. Christopher's Eggshell Formula

Good source of calcium.

After breaking the clean eggshell open, be careful to pull out the small membrane that lines the shell. (Best to use eggs from free-roaming chickens...check at your local health food store) This membrane is high in cholesterol and it is wise to eliminate it. Dry the shells at room temperature or under 130 °F. When thoroughly dry, powder the shells in a blender, nut mill or with a rolling pin. When the powder from one dozen eggshells is ready and finely powdered, cover with one pint of apple cider vinegar or one pint of lemon juice (lemon juice will sour and spoil quicker than the apple cider vinegar). Mix the eggshell powder and liquid in a large container, because the chemical reaction will cause the solution to foam. Allow this to set for several days. Then strain and combine with honey and water (to taste).

For the adult, use two or more tablespoons (or add to distilled water, tea or juice if desired) and for children in proportion. Some people like to add a tablespoon of honey for each tablespoon of the vinegar-calcium mix, as this is a great help in adjusting the hydrochloric acid balance in the body as well as feeding calcium to the system.

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