Herbal Cough Syrup

An old-time remedy for coughs.

2-3 large onions, chopped
honey, enough to cover onions by 1/2"
Licorice root (powder) or horehound herb or wild cherry bark (optional)

Cover the onions with liquid honey, so the honey is at least one half inch above the onions in the pan, use stainless steel, glass or enamel. Low heat (under 130° or below simmer) for several hours, or all night, if desired , on very low heat in a double boiler (I use a smaller pot in my slow cooker, with a rack in the bottom and about 2-3 inches of water). Strain and press out the liquid and use it as a cough syrup.

Optional - for each pint of liquid honey used, add one ounce (more or less as desired) of licorice root (powder) or the same amount of horehound herb or wild cherry bark. Add when the honey and onions are put together at the beginning. Any one of these three mentioned herbs is a very fine expectorant and demulcent herb and is used to aid in breaking up phlegm and discharging it. This remedy is good for clearing out the lungs and bronchials and also disperses itself throughout the whole system with great benefit.

One teaspoon each fifteen minutes or half hour, as needed. Hold the syrup in the mouth and let it trickle down the throat slowly. Do not drink or eat after to allow the syrup to "stick" to the throat.

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