Dr. Christopher's 3 Day Cleanse

Supreme cleanliness is the first step toward a healthy body. Any accumulation or retention of morbid matter or waste of any kind within us will retard our progress towards recovery. The natural eliminative channels are the lungs, the pores of the skin, the kidneys, and the bowels.

The retention of body waste has an insidious effect on our health than is generally suspected, and its elimination is one of the first steps toward perceptible progress. To begin the three day cleansing program, the individual is required to undergo three days of detoxification therapy, then proceed with the mucusless diet. Most people undertake the three-day cleanse once a month, although it can be repeated more often if the body is highly toxic.
First thing in the morning upon arising, drink 16 ounces or more of prune juice (unsweetened, if possible). The prune juice is not primarily to empty the bowels, which it will do, but rather to draw into the intestines from every part of the body such toxic matter or body waste as may be there, and eliminate it through the bowels.

Apple Juice Therapy: After beginning with the sixteen ounces of prune juice, within one half hour take an eight ounce glass of undiluted apple juice. Swish each mouthful thoroughly (called chewing). Then, 30 minutes later drink a glass of plain water (preferably distilled), followed 30 minutes later with more apple juice. The general procedure is: 16 oz. of prune juice first thing in the morning, then, 8 oz. of apple juice 30 minutes later, and 8 oz. of distilled water after that; repeating the juice and distilled water each 30 minutes throughout the day. One gallon of apple juice is consumed each day for an average size adult, or one ounce per pound of body weight. (This of course is an approximate and suggested dosage, as age, ability to hold liquids, etc., determine the capacity for each specific case.)

Breaking up the mucus during the juice cleanse generally causes constipation throughout the three days. Use more prune juice or take the Lower Bowel Formula.

Repeat this detoxification for 3 consecutive days. Thus, approximately three gallons of mucus and catarrh will have been eliminated and will have been replaced by three gallons of juice. This has resulted in speeding up the re-alkalinizing of the system.

During the three-day cleanse, take one or two tablespoons of olive oil three times a day, to aid in lubricating bile and liver ducts, etc.

On the fourth and subsequent days, start eating food gradually. Begin taking vegetable and fruit juices, along with raw fruits and vegetables. The first day, eat some fruit for breakfast with one or two tablespoons of finely grated raw almonds. Continue to take your juice through the day, but for lunch you can have a raw salad. For dinner you should have salad again, adding a steamed vegetable. Then follow the mucusless diet as close as possible.

Do not be concerned if you feel weak during or after this detoxification. Our bodies are using the energies for internal house cleaning, soon an increase of energy will occur as a result of a cleaner healthier body.

Carrot Juice Therapy. Follow the same procedure as you would with the apple juice therapy (see above).

Citrus Juice Therapy. This is best for those who live in a citrus belt region. Prepare the juice fresh in the following proportions; four to six grapefruit, two to three lemons, and enough oranges to complete a total mixture of two quarts. Dilute using two quarts of distilled water, making one gallon of citrus juice mixture. Proceed as in the apple juice therapy.

Grape Juice Therapy. Use only unsweetened grape juice containing no additives. Do not use frozen concentrate (it has been cooked). Use fresh grape juice, if possible. Proceed as in the apple juice therapy.

If nothing were done to replace something in volume equal to the quantity of matter eliminated in the body, then the body would naturally be dehydrated. Therefore, by drinking fruit juices, we replace the toxic or acrid material removed. This procedure should have an alkaline reaction on our system.

There are various types of juice therapies-apple, carrot, grape, citrus, tomato, etc.- but only use the one chosen juice for the three days, and swish each mouthful thoroughly, (called chewing), so the saliva will mix with it; therefore our bodies can get all the nutrition and healing value from it.

Do not eat anything during the three day cleanse, although if very hungry towards evening, you may take some celery. When using apple juice, an apple or two is acceptable. With carrot juice, use carrots, and so on and so forth.

Apples are one of the greatest herbs and blood purifiers known. This is why most prefer to use apple juice. Fresh apple juice is best, if obtainable, otherwise buy any bottled apple juice that has no preservatives or additives.

See Also: "Extended Herbal Cleanse" Routine.

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